yurveda is one of the oldest Indian healing system. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Oil Therapy involves topical stimulation of tissues, joint, ligaments and muscles by means of oil made from various herbs. Medicated oils helps loosen stiff joints, clear toxins, nourishes tissue, relieves pain and strengthens the bones. It bestows good vision, good sleep, healthy skin and long life.


Potli Bundle

Potli is a therapeutic application of warmth Potli (Herbs Bundle) as a local or full body application. It improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, relieves body pain, swelling, water retention, and releases accumulated toxins from tissue and joints.


Specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the localized area and is retained inside a herbal paste boundary for a period of time. This therapy stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain, numbness, build and maintains strong muscles, connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Vasthi is recommended for spinal disorder, sciatica, disc prolapsed, back pain and knee pain.



Shirodhara is the process in which the medicated herbal oil is poured on the forehead through a pot called dharapatra. This process strengthens the central nervous system (CNS), sensory organs, reduces stress and anxiety, prevents sinusitis, migraine, headaches, asthma, decreases Hypertension and induces sleep.


Abhyangam is a full body oil therapy with herbal oils. This stimulating treatment rejuvenates the whole body, increases blood circulation, relieves body pains, removes toxins, and promotes vitality and glowing skin.



Nasyam means inhalation of medicated herbal drops through nasal passage and lungs. To cleanse the nasal passage. Nasyam is said to stimulate the base of the brain through its effect on the olfactory nerve endings bringing greater clarity and balance to the mind, brain and senses. It opens the nasal passage, cleans the respiratory system, relieves migraine, sinusitis, allergic diseases and induces sleep.

Netra Tharpanam

In Netra Tharpanam, a boundary is made around the eyes of the patient. The medicated liquid is poured in the eyes and kept warm for 30-35 min. This provides improved vision and strengthens the eye tissues. This application helps preventing early formation of cataract, dry eyes, reduces burning and pain sensation in the eyes.



Herbal Ayurvedic Massage/Shirodhara/Herbal Steam Bath


Indian Head Massage/Shirodhara


Herbal Powder Massage/Herbal Steam Bath


Excessive Body Heat > Body Pain > Insomnia > Sinusitis > Migraine Asthma > Depression > Knee Pain > Back Pain > Arthritis > Respiratory Disorder


Herbal Facial/Hair Care/Manicure/Padicure

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