Overworking and being busy all the time has become a modern preoccupation. In Malaysia, U.S, Japan and the UK there is a well-established culture of working long hours, resulting in feeling vexed and confused. These conditions lead to negative effects on the Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Behavior aspect.


The body, mind and soul are inter-related. The body reflects the character of the individual. A particular configuration of tension within the body reflects the psychological make-up of the individual. By working on areas of tension within the body it is possible to contact some underlying feelings and manage stress. This interactive programme is a combination of the ancient wisdom and modern science. This programme draws full potential with its emphasis on conscious holistic and personal self development.

This powerful Stress Management Workshop will help:

  • Get to the root of the stress
  • Relieve symptoms and deal with the cause
  • Regain optimism and equilibrium
  • Learn beneficial management strategies


Laughing is such a great quality which is possessed by human beings alone amongst all living beings. Laughing and smiling overcomes anger. A person who remains happy ever, is dear to everyone. If you want to be healthy laugh loudly everyday, for five minutes practice laughter in different poses before the mirror.

Laughing removes tension, gives peace to the mind, save from heart problems makes the face beautiful. Laughing loudly cures many ailments of the stomach that is why it is necessary to laugh loudly at least thrice or four times a day.

Make an effort to be smiling naturally while talking, walking, sitting, and standing and all the times. This will keep you always in a positive frame of mind, because when smiling such changes take in the chemical formation of body that prohibit tension.

How Laughter Helps:

Here are several reasons to laugh and keep laughing:

  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It increases the intellectual performance and boosts information retention.
  • It relieves stress and pain.
  • As we gulp in massive amounts of air, our blood is highly oxygenated.
  • The air that is expelled during laughing has been clocked at seventy miles per hour, hence the respiratory system gets a tremendous workout.
  • The body loses muscle control, which relaxes the skeletal system.
  • Laughter causes the brain to produce hormones called beta endorphins, which reduce pain, and
  • Makes our adrenal glands to manufacture cortisol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that’s wonderful for arthritis.


This very effective proven workshop introduces on the job fitness training and how it works, to build a team of effective, positive minded and healthy people.


  • Through these various effective techniques adopted one will be able to be positive in attitude and be at peak performance even at stressful times.
  • Increases quality and productive work time.
  • Minimize medical bills and medical leave.
  • To create and maintain a happy committed and loyal team of employees.
  • To maintain a harmonious work place, where employees will be more interactive.


It is a program designed for anyone seeking phenomenal spiritual cleansing, renewal and transformation. The aim of Soul Coaching is to align one’s inner spiritual life with their outer life. It is a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so that the individual can hear the secret messages from his or her soul. It also helps the individual discover their true purpose so that they can design a life that supports that purpose.

This programme is dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of the different aspects of life; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


  • Find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life through your spiritual source.
  • It allows you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, face fear, release old negative patterns, get motivated and step boldly and joyfully into your future.

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