Our programs include:

  • Holistic Stress Management
  • Health Management through Yoga
  • Yoga and Anti Aging
  • Disease Management
  • The Art of Self-Healing through Breathing
  • Rejuvenation Program
  • Yoga and Mind Power
  • Life Coaching

Breathing Workshop

‘Ancient Chinese Quote – Your length of Your Life is dependent on Your Length and Depth of Your Breath’

Breath is life. Breathing is our most primal function. It affects and is affected by every level of our being. It is totally automatic, yet it is completely within our control.Breathing like balance cannot be taught but it can be learned. Changing the way you breathe is a commitment of time and effort. As such it is a bridge, a force and a tool for health, growth and change. Correct breathing techniques and exercises are aimed at increasing a person’s awareness, they help loosen and relax the breathing mechanism and to expand a person’s breathing capacity.


The fundamental purpose of breathing is to provide the lungs with instant supply of air from which essential oxygen can be absorbed into the blood and circulated to all body tissues. Breathing out empties the lungs for the next breath and additionally allows the body to expel waste gasses such as carbon Dioxide.The power and potential of breath and breathing will unfold and emerge within you as you gain mastery of the correct skills. The way we breathe is a reflection and an expression of the ways we live. By exploring breath, we discover ourselves. By changing the way we breathe, we change the way we live.

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Self Hypnosis Workshop

Self Hypnosis is simply a way of relaxing and seeking aside the conscious mind while at the same time activating the subconscious mind so suggestion can be made directly to the subconscious, enabling the patient to act on the suggestions with greater ease and efficiency.

Benefits of Self Hypnosis:

  • Improving the Increased and focused concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Improved inter personal relationships
  • Strengthening ones’ immune system to resist any disease
  • Quantity of people and circumstances in general that attract into your life
  • Establishing and maintaining harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Accelerated Healing Workshop

Health is a boon to man. Modern methods of living, stressful situation, overeating, lack of exercise, fresh air & sleep have all contributed to the breathing down of the natural resistance. All illnesses arise due to accumulation of toxin that causes blockages in our energy system. Our body contains within itself the power to correct itself.

The human body possesses inherent self constructing and self healing powers. By regulating our energy system, we can see astonishing effects on consciousness as well as physical health. Learn how to explore, rediscover and tap the hidden healing energies within yourself. identifying and applying simple techniques to clear energy blockages, immediate results can be experienced to improve self empowerment.

Energy Healing Workshop

The ultimate Well-Being Plan – An Extremely Practical workshop with full of great ideas for cleansing and rejuvenating the mental, emotional and physical body. Learn the well guarded Energy Secrets revealed for the first time. You can change your whole life, physically, socially and in business and attain successes which might now seem impossible to you. You can scientifically bring about all you need for those transformations in yourself very quickly.

Take Aways

  • Improving the Increased and focused concentration
  • Understanding the Importance of the Energy
  • Learn how to cleanse your home
  • Cleansing of the Astral and Mental Energy
  • People Secrets- Protection and Energy Preservation
  • Healing Secrets – Spiritual Healing
  • How to See the Aura
  • How to get what you want – The Energy Transfer

Detox Workshop

]Our body is self healing, self repairing and self rejuvenating. The root causes of diseases are toxemia and nutritional deficiency. This session teaches how to get rid of poison and to restore nutritional, hormonal and metabolic balance in the body.

Learn This Simple Detox Technique:

  • Juice Therapy
  • Kidney and Liver Flush
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Neti (Cleansing of Respiratory System)
  • Skin Detox

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